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12 March 2013 @ 06:37 pm
I am now starting to become a part of blogcrews so this is my post for the codes.
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20 May 2011 @ 05:03 pm
 YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!! Long weekend and no homework! I am sooooooo happy!!!

I've been so super busy lately that I barely had time to think but on the bright side, my "The Grapes of Wrath" essay that I worked so hard on (36 hours straight without any sleep) received a pleasing mark of 96%. :D I also just finished reading "Lord of The Flies" and I absolutely loved it! Oh, Ralph. *Sigh* (I am not a pedo)
Also, one of my best friends, Rosa, got me addicted to the K Drama "You're Beautiful". I'd never tried a K Drama before so I started with scepticism and I loved it! She also got me into K Pop recently. 
On a more serious note, my other best friend, Pira, met up with a boy that she knew in grades 5-7 and has been talking to her online frequently. They met up at our school so it was okay but he came about an hour late, when she called him he didn't pick up and we saw him holding his phone when he was walking into our school. My friend is pretty naive so I'm really worried about her. They went into an abandoned inn (It's next to our school and kids go there all the time) together and me and Frito (another friend) followed them. I feel kind of bad but I'm just worried. I don't want her to get hurt... Are Frito and I too overprotective? :(
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10 March 2011 @ 06:13 pm

Procrastination, the story of my life. No matter what the assignment is, I end up saying I'll do it the next day, then the next day, then the next until its finally the day before its due and I do a very bad job on it. This is currently happening. I have an Economics essay due tomorrow on "Capitalism Vs. Communism" and I have one point down. This is obviously extremely stupid but I just can't help it. I get so freaked out by the idea of writing an essay and I just don't do it. But thank goodness for my friends!

All day today I was stressing about my essay and my friends were consoling me, saying things like, "Don't worry its easy", "You can finish it, its you after all!", (though I know that one isn't true) or "Call me if you need any help, I'll even edit it for you!".

I swear, my friends are so amazing an so sweet and I'm so lucky to have them! I really have to find a way to tell them how grateful I am for always supporting me! Any suggestions?
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04 March 2011 @ 05:08 pm

My english class just started reading Romeo and Juliet; the classic play about two star-crossed lovers. It sounds romantic and all but really, the guys in the play (well so far, I only just finished Act 1, Scene 1) are very perverted.

On the very first page, they're already talking dirty!

"Me they shall feel while I am able to stand; and
'tis known am I a pretty piece of flesh."

Okay, now that's only a side character. But even Romeo's indecent!

"Nor ope her lap to saint-seducing gold."

Romeo! How demeaning! But I just can't help but laugh! By this point in time, virtually all of the girls in my class despise Romeo but I really don't. Romeo is a teenage (probably) boy, he's in love and he has certain, *cough cough* urges that he has to take care of. The only thing that I hate is that Romeo wasn't talking about Juliet!!! Technically I'm not far enough into the play to know that but on the side it says he's currently in love with Rosalind and when I read that, I waned to scream! But anyway, its just a play and a really hilarious one at that. I just figured I'd update since I haven't in a while.

P.S. I'm really loving Romeo and Juliet!

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22 February 2011 @ 06:07 pm

I read reidluver 's post on Winamp and I decided to get it. Its really cool and I love all the skins! But I think I went a bit overboard. I didn't just download 10 or 15 skins. I downloaded 37! And the majority of them are KHR themed, I swear I'm obsessed!

Anyways, I want to get a new mousepad, mine's getting old. I want an anime one and I narrowed my choices down to 5... These are my choices:
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19 February 2011 @ 11:21 pm

Finally~ my exams are finished and I got my results. I was incredibly worried but I managed to get over 86% in each subject and finish the semester with an 86.75% thankfully!

Well, during the time I was offline I also got 6 BBP 5927 doujinshi that I'm definitely going to enjoy and coincidentally, my grade 11 functions textbook is #59!!! I swear, KHR! has completely taken over my mind!

I started watching Katanagatari and its not what I expected it to be. I thought it would be a nice, carefree anime and that Togame and Shichika would be prancing around collecting swords tralalalala~ But I'm on episode 10 and its pretty dark and mysterious. I'm liking this change of pace and I'm really hoping for an ending that matches the mood of the anime. :D
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24 January 2011 @ 04:27 pm
Sorry, I won't be on for about 2 weeks because exams are coming up. :(
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25 December 2010 @ 11:16 am
To all who celebrate Christmas, I hope you have an amazing day and enjoy yourself to the fullest!
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15 December 2010 @ 08:38 pm
Just like LJ, I haven't really been keeping up with the new anime episodes and for the past two days (between studying for my math and science test tomorrow) I've been watching Bakuman. I've watched episodes 3-10 and I'm really loving it. I'm usually not into much shounen anime, other that Code Geass and KHR! but I think its good but mellow, with little tension.

On another note, tomorrow I also have a mini Christmas party in one of my classes, every student is going to bring in a food and I'm looking forward to seeing what other people bring! :D
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13 December 2010 @ 08:08 pm
GAAAAHHHHH! I have been off LJ for so long and without any notice! I'm sooooooo sorry and please forgive me, I will from now on try to be more active and to give notice when being on hiatus. I've had so much going on recently and once again, I'm soooooo sorry! :(
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